I love a good time-lapse video. This one is brought to you by the very busy Boston Logan International Airport (BOS). The author recorded one hour and ten minutes of video and reduced it down to about two and a half minutes.

On his YouTube posting he stated he would have preferred to record a bit longer, but local law enforcement thought it might not be such a great idea (even though what he was doing was not illegal). I think it is interesting to see how the aircraft don’t go 100% straight when taking off. Enjoy!

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James Burke

Cool video! I especially like the little Cape Air CNA’s in action…

drew V

I love the back-taxis and the 747 blurr at 1:04. Didn’t see that coming.

Cool vid and very clear!


assume this is 22R, right?

Tounhdowc! That’s a really cool way of putting it!

Rob Goodman

Rock on BOS!!


What airline is at 0:17??

Looks like Delta to me

T Shepherd

The original author is known as BostonAirborne on YouTube. Check out his amazing channel. He recently posted a stunning montage from LAX.

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