RA-85626 Donavia Tupolev Tu-154M

RA-85626 Donavia Tupolev Tu-154M

If you look at Donavia Airlines livery it might look a bit like Aeroflot’s. There is good reason, the airline is 100% owned by Aeroflot.

Donavia started in 1925 out of Rostov Airport and has a long history serving Russia. After the fall of the Soviety Union, The airline’s name was changed to Donavia and absorbed regional parts of Aeroflot Airlines. Then in 2000, Aeroflot bought 100% stake in the airline and was changed to Aeroflot-Don. Then in September, the name was changed back to Donavia.

Donavia currently runs a fleet of TU-154s, Boeing 737-400 and 737-500‘s. The airline flies in Russian, Europe, Egypt and western Asian countries.

Image: Danner Gyde

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Now that is a nice aircraft and a nice repaint. I can’t beleive that the Tu-154’s are still flying around. I really hope that they stay around. I flew in a TU-154 in 1991 on a Malev Hungarian Airlines flight, the blue tails are kind of similar.

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