What flies, is the best selling jetliner in history and is getting some new insides? That’s right… the Boeing 737. Boeing is getting closer to finishing the first new Boeing 737 “Sky Interior.”

Forty five airlines and leasing companies have ordered the Boeing Sky Interior for more than 1,100 airplanes; that’s half of Boeing’s 737 backlog. It will be the new standard in the single-aisle market.

The first Boeing 737 with a completed interior will be done by the end of October, until then, you can check out their process in this video.

Be sure to check the winglet in one of the shots to give away who will be taking delivery of this aircraft.

Read more at Boeing’s website, see a video of making the interior or check out their video giving a tour of the Sky Interior mock up.

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I wonder if AS has any ordered…….

Boeing has always been a benchmark in the commercial aircraft manufacturing industry. Now they have made a mark in the private jet manufacturing industry also.

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