Surinam Airways Boeing 747-300 (PZ-TCM)

Surinam Airways Boeing 747-300 (PZ-TCM)

Surinam Airways was founded in 1955 and is the national airline of Surname. It is fully owned by the Suriname’s government and operates to only nine destinations. The airline currently only has a fleet of three aircraft, one Airbus A340-300 and two Boeing 737-300’s. In November 2009, Surinam Airways purchased the Airbus to replace the Boeing 747-300 in the photo.

Can you notice the slight changes of livery on the newer Airbus 340 versus the older Boeing 747-300.

Image: PlaneSpotting

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The nice curvature of the orange and the winglets exist and are painted.

Yeah, personally I prefer the newer livery than the oder one. The newer one looks much more modern and energetic!

The straight lines are more elegant in this old livery. A little thicker and they would’ve looked perfect.

I don’t like how in the new livery it twists and becomes thin and then wide again. Looks weird

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