FlightBlogger Jon Ostrower has been told by multiple program sources that Boeing is looking at December 14th to be the possible first flight for their highly anticipated Boeing 787.

Boeing completed their static test yesterday, and will be numbers crunching until about December 9th. Yes, the aircraft has been long-delayed, but I think the long wait might be worth it.

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As much as we want this plane to succeed, it would be ignorant to say the wait is worth it.

Do you realize how many planes will need to be built before Boeing makes a dime on this program?

Yes, it is badly delayed and way behind budget. But this is not just a new plane, it is a new generation of plane. I plan to talk about what makes the B787 so different in the next two weeks!

David Parker Brown

Paul Obembe

The Burning questions in my mind is whether the new plane’s fuel efficiencies will meet with and/or exceed expectation, and whether Boeing can manufacture future planes quickly and efficiently. If these turn out to be so, then rest assured that the delays will be nothing but an interesting historical note, and Boeing Will turn a huge profit.

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