Wizz Air Airbus A320 in all its pink and purple glory!

Wizz Air Airbus A320 in all its pink and purple glory!

Do you like purple? Do you like purple more when it is with pink? Well then Wizz Air is the airline for you (their website gives me a headache). Wizz Air was founded in September 2003 and had its first flight took off in May 2004.  It is based out of Hungary and has over 150 different routes in Europe, all serviced by their 26 Airbus A320’s. Their goal is to have 132 aircraft by 2017, which is a very aggressive goal.

They aren’t too concerned about customer service, where they state it takes more than 30 days to process customer complaints and it costs about $1.00 USD per minute to call customer service. But all of this doesn’t matter if you care about getting to your destination on the same airline Barbie would be proud to fly!

Image: Kian

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euan williamson

A bit of an unfair ‘tag-on’ at the end of your ”Airline of the Week” piece. Wizzair’s cstomer service is no better/no worse than its competitors. Its online service is consistently fine. It is more interesting to see how Wizzair and Ryanair avoid flying the same routes – anywhere across Europe. If you climb through the tangle of stakeholders it does offer clues as to why.

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