AMERICAN AIRLINES Airbus A300 & Boeing 777 at JFK, New York, USA. Sept 2008.

AMERICAN AIRLINES Airbus A300 & Boeing 777 at JFK, New York, USA. Sept 2008.

At a time where airlines are cutting jobs, services, airplanes, while raising fees – it seems odd that American Airlines has decided to move forward with paying out $14million in bonuses — or does it?

There is no denying that moral at some airlines are reaching record low levels. About 72,000 American Airline employees might feel a little less down when they see their performance based bonuses (averaging $200).

According to American Airlines, the incentive program seems to be working – with customer service up 3% and on-time service up 23%.

I think it can be hard for airlines to realize what their greatest investment can be…not planes, new technologies, or routes, but investing into their employees. On a flight with all the “toys,” no fees, and on the newest plane can be great, but if the customer service received is horrid, it can leave a very lasting impression.

Source: Business Week Image: Tom Turner

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i dunno about this. i have worked in a number of different places that offer “incentives” like this. all it does is make people learn the loopholes to earn the reward. plus with the average of $200, probably the top execs are making millions and the people who earn it are getting a $25 gift card to red lobster.

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