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ULTIMATE LIVERY CHALLENGE: Guess the retired liveries and win a prize!

Do you know these liveries?

Do you know these liveries?

I have had a few competitions before about airline liveries, but this time I am pulling out all the stops. I am making a contest, one I probably couldn’t even win. I am going to show you six 105 x 105  pictures of old airline liveries no longer used. It is your job to guess which airlines they belonged to AND what kind of planes they are (just the basic model ie “Boeing 747” not “Boeing 747-300”).

I think I made this so difficult, I am willing to actually give prizes this time. I am not exactly sure what the prizes will be, but I will mail you something if you get all six right. I am determined to give away at least one prize. So even if you do not know all six, take a few guesses and the one with the most will win.

You can send them via Twitter, comments, FaceBook or email me at [email protected] You have until 5pm PST Friday the 16th. Use any resources you wish.

Bring it on!

UPDATE: Future of Flight has stepped up and said they will help me with prizes of anyone who wins this. So far, no takers!

UPDATE2: I have 6 people who have all the liveries right. SUPER impressed. Still have until 5pm today the 16th to get your answers in!

PS: if you can tell me what airline and what kind of plane this livery is from…you win a super bonus prize (which, again, I have no idea what that will be)!

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Picture credits will be given with the answers (otherwise you could cheat)


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