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Picture of actual aircraft (A310 70-ADJ) taken in 2002

Picture of actual aircraft (A310 70-ADJ) taken in 2002

I assume by reading this blog you probably have heard about the tragic crash of Yemenia Airways flight 627. If not you can read about the latest information here.

Although this incident is terrible, there is at least a bit of positivity one can pull out of this (well almost two, the black boxes were found). One 14 year old girl (some are reporting 13) was found in the water…alive.

She doesn’t have any recollection of what happened and says she, “didn’t feel a thing.” Just found herself in the water surrounded by darkness. She was found by rescuers after hanging onto debris for 13 hours. She is currently recovering and came out with just cuts to her face and a fractured collar-bone.

Via Today in the Sky Image: Thomas Noack