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So you need to book some flights and you hit the usual suspects online to find the best prices: Kayak, Orbitz, Travelocity or even Fare Compare.  But when you look at the results, it is all about the price and you are not told the whole story.  The other sites don’t tell you what seats are like, what snacks or drinks you may expect or what fees you might be charged for who knows what. Things are now changing with, which puts Passenger Experience (#PaxEx) into the equation.

Routehappy takes what the old Metasearch websites (like Kayak) did by aggregating all the flight prices into the one site, but it takes it one step further.  For some flyers, price is everything. But for many of us, we are willing to pay for some of the nicer things. Routehappy calls these ’œHappiness Factors’.