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My aircraft from LAX to Narita in Tokyo should be a Boeing 777-200ER like this one in the photo.

My aircraft from LAX to Narita in Tokyo should be a Boeing 777-200ER

Today is my birthday. What better way to celebrate than a trip to Tokyo? I am once again at Seattle-Tacoma International Airport (SEA) ready for a new adventure. This one will take me many miles during a short period of time.

Currently I am waiting for my Alaska Airlines flight from SEA down to Los Angeles (LAX).  I will have a little layover there, then on to Tokyo via All Nippon Airways (ANA) to take a look at Haneda Airport’s new international terminal (HND).

This is going to be a long process. I leave today at about 7am. Fly to LAX, then to Tokyo and back to Seattle by Friday evening. A short trip via time, but long trip via experience. I am excited since this trip will be a few firsts: I have never flown ANA, on a Boeing 777-200ER 777-300ER (it has been changed, but still haven’t flown on one) or traveled so far in such a short amount of time. As an airline geek, I am totally pumped.

This also means I might be a little out of touch and a bit slow on my e-communications for the next few days. Even though this will be a whirl-wind trip, I will be back and pumped for the Aviation Geek Fest on Saturday.

A trip like this is one reason why I love the airline business. I wake up in one part of the world and I will go to sleep half way across the globe. Try doing that 100 years ago.

Disclaimer: ANA is covering my flight from LAX to NRT plus hotel. I am covering my flight from SEA to LAX and back.

Image: David McKevley