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Boeing 747-8 RC521 First Flight from David Brown on Vimeo.

Today the third (although it was the second one made) Boeing 747-8 Freighter (N5017Q) took to the sky. The first flew on February 8th and the second just took off on March 14th. I missed the second take off, but was able to make it to the Future of Flight to see RC521 take to the skies earlier today.

At the time of posting this, the 747-8 did a loop over the Olympic Peninsula and now is headed towards Moses Lake, WA. When watching the video, be sure to hear all the frek’n frogs that were croaking by the Future of Flight.


More Good Stuff:
* My iPhone video of Dreamlifter taking off earlier in the day
* Video from Future of Flight of the takeoff
* Taxi test video taken by the Future of Flight
* Video from the Everett Herald of the flight

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