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Last year when I had the opportunity to fly with Southwest Airlines to the Oshkosh AirVenture was easily one of my favorite things I have done with my blog.

It was great being in a Boeing 737 full of excited Southwest employees and aviation nuts. Then when landing at Oshkosh and people lined up along the runway waving at us like we were royalty.

As we were towed to the center of Oshkosh to park, people were waving and treating us like they have never seeing a Boeing 737 before. Oh yea, let’s not forget being able to check out all sorts of really amazing aircraft.

With Southwest’s contest you can join in on the fun this year. All you have to do it give a little information about yourself and hit “Submit.” No videos, no stories, ten seconds and done. If you win, you and a guest get to enjoy the Southwest Oshkosh AirVenture experience. GOOD LUCK!