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Boeing 787 at the Everett, WA plant

Boeing 787 at the Everett, WA plant

Is Boeing threatening to move jobs out of Washington State unless their labor union commits to a no-strike clause in the next contract?  I was waiting for a bit more information on the reports of Boeing’s ultimatum to their Washington machinists’ union before blogging about it, but details have not been forthcoming since U.S. Representative Norm Dicks from Washington broke the story a couple of weeks ago:

“The whole thing comes down to, can they get a long-term agreement with the union, with a no-strike clause.  That’s what ultimately has to happen here in the next two or three or four months or they are going to go elsewhere.  I think if they get this agreement, they would stay.”

The no-strike clause rumor comes in the wake of Boeing’s purchase of a 787 rear fuselage production plant in South Carolina ’“ prompting concerns that Boeing will move more of its production out of the Everett and Renton, Washington plants.

The International Association of Machinists and Aerospace Workers, AFL-CIO District 751, who represents Boeing’s machinists in the Pacific Northwest, issued a statement assuring members that no proposal on a no-strike clause had been presented by Boeing.  They also expressed disappointment with Boeing allowing rumors to spread this way:  ’œTo use politicians as microphones to deliver a message, creates problems and does nothing to improve the relationship [between Boeing and the Machinists’ Union].’  That being said, the union asserts that they will look at any possible routes to keeping jobs in the state.

Washington State greatly benefits from the two large Boeing plants, and I’m sure residents would hate to see more Boeing jobs go out of state.  Boeing has also been hemorrhaging money in the delayed production of the Dreamliner Boeing 787, so I can understand their desire to avoid costly strikes that could cause further delays.  Boeing’s method of self-preservation, however, leaves a bad taste in the mouth, and I tend to feel for the union’s dismay over having all this leaked to the media before sitting down with labor.  It will be interesting to see how negotiations pan out, and how strong public opinion will play a part.

Sources: Seattle Times, IAM District 751 Image: andyconniecox