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Who brought the marshmallows?

Who brought the marshmallows? – Photo: Toms River Fire Dept | FlickrCC

Two words: dumpster fire.

Not literally, but honestly I think I would rather have deal with a literal dumpster fire. Over the last two weeks, you might have noticed the site down, no new content, things going wonky, and our emails not working. If you are reading this, things are getting better — hopefully. I am not 100% confident yet — I have been fooled before.

We were trying to move the site to a new server and I would say things didn’t go well. We have worked hours, and hours, and hours, and hours to try to make it work. To no avail.  I used to love this technology stuff, but now not as much of a fan. I like writing and editing stuff about airplanes a lot more and hopefully I can get back to that soon.

You might have seen a previous post saying if you left a comment, I would mail you some free stickers. The bad news is that post is toast, but the good news is I still have your email addresses. Once my email address is stable, I will reach out. If you didn’t leave a comment previous, but would still like some free stickers — leave a comment and I will make it happen.

This has been bad timing since we have picked up our game this year, providing more content per week than we have the last two years. Have no worries, we have some great content in the hopper and will be getting it out soon. Thank you all for your patience!