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Express Jet EMB-145's might be leased by Branson airport to bring in more visitors

Express Jet EMB-145's might be leased by Branson airport to bring in more visitors

Back in May of last year I talked about Branson Airport (BKG) being the first privately owned airport. Since then, the airport has had some success (and some failures) in getting airlines to fly profitable routes to their airport.

Brett Snyder (aka Cranky Flier) wrote up a great piece on how the airport is looking to create its own airline…well kind of. They are looking to charter some regional jets from ExpressJet to fly to Branson from Austin, Des Moines, Houston, Shreveport, and Terre Haute starting in May.

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Landing at Branson, MO's BKG airport.

Landing at Branson, MO's BKG airport.

Branson, Missouri is the home to the United State’s first privately supported airport. The $155 million airport is the first of 552 airports with commercial air service to receive no federal funding.

The town only has about 6,000 residents, but  has over 50 theaters, ten museums, and a few other odds and ends that draw about 8million tourists to the area each year.

In 1996 Congress changed legislation that allowed airports to try and win over private investors and Branson will show if this is a feasible business plan. SO far two other airports have unsuccessfully tried to make airport privatization work (Midway Airport and Steward Airport). Currently only low-cost carriers Sun Country Airlines and AirTran Airways fly into Branson Airport (BKG).

There seems to be a lot of money making potential in airports (selling name rights, hotels, shops, restraunts, business deals, etc) and although airports around the globe have made leaps and bounds as far as amenities avliable, I wonder what new ideas a privatly-held, purely profit driven, airport can come up with.

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