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Name change, but logo is staying similar! is now

Thursday the 23rd will mark this blog’s first year and it has been a VERY exciting year. I have been able to participate in great adventures and meet some wonderful people. I have gone from family and friends reading a year ago to thousands of people reading from 111 different countries from around the world (still no readers from Azerbaijan, but 5 from Albania!).

One issue I have run into with creating this blog is name-confusion. There are other websites out there with similar names and it has caused confusion for readers and others in the industry. Even though I will lose time and money with this transfer, I feel it is the best move to do now before the blog grows any more since I wouldn’t want readers to confuse my blog with others.

I am VERY excited with the blog’s new name. I surveyed over 50 people I trust and spent hours looking at different possibilities. has everything I wanted in a new domain name (and I get to keep my cool wing-A logo). A lot has changed in the last year, and I’m planning more changes, but still keeping the core of what this blog is about. I already have one additional blogger and editor, Amy Franklin, and I hope to grow in the number of bloggers in the near future.

Even with growth and change, I want to keep the basic concept of the blog the same: being able to share what is going on in the airline business in a way that anyone from industry experts to airline hobbyists can read and enjoy. And of course there has to be a little humor thrown in there too (Crazier Than Ryanair medal anyone?).

I will slowly transition to the new name, still posting on here to remind people to change over their bookmarks, RSS feeds, etc for a while. Thanks everyone for all your support and I look forward to bringing you the same great blog, under a new, better name: