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Avianova Airbus A320-200 (EI-ELE)

Avianova Airbus A320-200 (EI-ELE)

If you haven’t heard about Spirit Airline’s new (and “omg shocking”) advertisements, they are causing quite a stir. They are once again stealing right out of the Ryanair hand book on how to get a load of free publicity.

What do I think about their ads? Well any airline that gets me blogging about their ads are doing something right, and I will leave it at that. If  Spirit’s new ad is too saucy for you? Well maybe you shouldn’t take a look at the Avianova ad found by Matt Molnar with NYCAviation.

Sure, advertising 101 teaches you that skin sells, but come on. Anything about routes? Amenities? Costs? Nope. Does this sort of advertising work? Well the airline industry has had a history of sexy advertising. This shouldn’t come as a surprise that both Spirit and Avianova have risky advertisements, they are both partly owned by the same company, Indigo Partners.

What are your thoughts? Are the ads going too far?

I keep seeing some creative ads out there and almost blog about them, but haven’t gotten around to blog about them. Well slacking off works in my favor this time, since there have been quite a few and I can talk about them all in one blog. Here are my favorites:

* Southwest Airlines is advertising their “Bags Fly Free” on their baggage carts. This is cool in two ways. #1 they spent good money to produce these ads and are really pushing the concept. It is a good sign they won’t be charging for bags anytime soon.

* American Airlines has some new ads celebrating those in the armed services. I think American did a nice classy job with this ad just in time for Veteran’s Day.

* Jetstar has its first 3D ad for a soccer game. They said they did the ad, yet I cannot find any video of the ad. Sad.

* Southwest Airlines said no to a PETA ad that shows a revealing body in a body scan with the tagline, “Be Proud of Your Body Scan: Go Vegan.”

The airlines don’t get all the fun. Recently looked at some pretty creative airport advertisements:

Careful! That is hot.

Careful! That is hot.

Visa ad on a luggage carousel in New Zealand for the Pompeii exhibit at the National Museum. I love this idea. When the belt starts move, it looks like hot lava is coming your way. This definitely has to get your attention! (bigger version)

Time to cool down

Time to cool down

If the lava ad is too hot, cool down. This ad showed up in Gulfport Biloxi International Airport in Mississippi and is for Beau Rivage Resort & Casino. It is supposed to let travelers feel relaxed while watching the swimmers go in circles. (bigger version)

If you like those, check out 11 other creative airport advertisements!

Thanks @bernichacra & @indigocat for finding the 13 airport ads.