AirlineReporter is much more than just a blog. For over the last 13 years, we have been helping airlines, airports, travel professionals, and media outlets to improve their quality of work — while having a fun time doing it. Let us share some of the things we can do for you:

The Blog –

Where our passion still lies, where we have flown over 2,000,000 miles to bring airline reviews, travel reviews, and interesting stories that have been shared no where else.

Social media consulting

We have built our almost 120,000 Twitter followers the old fashion way: proving good content and having patience. We aren’t against the surge of followers that come from a viral post, but how many of those stick around and really connect with your brand. We rather help you build stronger, long-term relationships vs aiming for a high follower count. Some sample clients:


Video production

We have done plenty of our own video production (mostly for, but also behind-the-scenes projects for airlines, where you never knew we were a part of the project. We have a number of professional videographers and editors on staff, with a mixture of creative folks who can start from scratch and create the type of script or mood you are looking for. Some sample clients:


Passenger experience consulting

With all our flying, we often share our opinions on However, we can also sit down with airlines, airports, etc and give additional critical feedback to improve the passenger experience. At the end of the day, we want it to go as smoothly for us, as well as other passengers. Some sample clients:

Aviation topic expert

We are constantly being asked by small and large media outlets to go on TV, the radio, podcasts, etc to provide additional color and information on the airline business. We have worked with outlets including, but not limited to CNN, Washington Post, BBC, CNBC, Bloomberg, Reuters, CBC, NPR, Marketplace, FOX, AOL Travel, Huffington Post, Forbes, APEX magazine, USA Today, NBC News, Puget Sound Business Journal, Seattle Times, Gadling, and more. We are often asked to come back because we prepare for our interviews and we are not going to speculate.

Donate airline amenity kits

A while back we realized that many of our readers had airline amenity kits (fancy toiletries given to most business and first class international travelers) that they no longer wanted. We started a service where they could mail them to our CEO and President, David, and he would donate them to local food banks and shelters in the Seattle area. So far, over 100 kits have been donated and they have been well received.


We are an honest group of about 25+ people located around the work, and we want to work with clients who appreciate stopping to smell the roses, aren’t afraid to get creative, and understand that shortcuts often lead to a lesser quality product. We not only want to provide high quality results that will last over time, but also long-term relationships with the clients, vendors, and people that we work with. If we sound like a team that matches your culture and what you are looking for, please do not hesitate to reach out:


David Parker Brown
CEO and President of AirlineReporter
Editor-in-Chief & Founder of

Lisa A. Smith, ESQ
Project Manager & Legal Advisor for AirlineReporter