SeaTac Airport...15min ago.

SeaTac Airport...15min ago.

Arrived at SeaTac airport, waiting for my AirTran flight to BWI. This is an airport I am very familiar with and have flown out of many times. I walked up to a very long security line and figured it would be a 20-30min process, but I am very impressed how organized and speedy they got through the line (only took about 5min).

With all the flatscreen TV’s, WiFi avail, and of course the classic people watching, I never seem to get too bored waiting for an airplane.

Some people have said the magic of flying is not what it used to be and maybe that is true, but every time I fly I try to respect the fact I am about to go into a metal cylinder, up to 40,000 feet, over 500mph, to travel 3000 miles in about 5hrs.

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I remember when they started advertising “real world pricing” at Sea-Tac a couple of years ago. I’ve found that to be pretty true: coffee, food, etc really does cost about the same there as on the outside.

My least favorite airport: Newark Intl. But maybe that’s because I’ve been there so many times…


I love our SEATAC airport. It reflects the laid back atmosphere in the emerald city. I also have to agree with Amy, you can totally tell the price difference at SEATAC vs…hmm, O’Hare, LAX, and the awful Newark!

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