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Plane being de-iced

Plane being de-iced

Alaska Airlines is having a great (sarcasm) season so far. First there were a bunch of cancelled flights (that is understandable since well, they are HQ in Seattle, WA which has been hit by a crazy snow storm). Now they de-iced a bunch of people inside the plane.

Alaska Airlines flight 528, on its way to Burbank this morning was getting de-iced when people were realizing it was getting into the cabin. Six crew members were taken to the hospital, but all 26 passengers were given the thumbs up at the airport.

A commenter on the story on KOMO (rwgav8) stated, “The ramp agent more than likely shot the de-icer into one of the engines or the Auxiliary Power Unit (APU) inlet.”

Not a great way to start Christmas for sure!

Source: KOMO Image: Nealy-J

Continental Flight 1404

Continental Flight 1404

A Continental Boeing 737-500 slid off the runway at Denver International Airport this morning. No one was killed, but 38 of the 107 passengers and 5 crew were taken to the emergency room. Looking at the picture of the plane, it is lucky that the number is not higher.

Flight 1404 on its way to Houston had the gear and engine ripped off. The fuselage filled with smoke as the plane started to burn. It is currently believed to be a braking problem that caused this accident to occur.

A very shaky start to the holiday travel season. Hope everyone stays safe and we won’t have any more of these stories!

Source: WSJ Image: AP
A dog chasing birds

A dog chasing birds

One of the biggest enemies for a large jet airliner is still a bird. Birds can get sucked into an engine and especially during a crucial time like take off can cause a lot of havoc. According to the FAA from 1990 to 2007 there have been about 80,000 bird strikes, 11 people have died from the result of bird strikes, and bird strikes have cost almost $300 million in damages.

There have been many different methods used to get rid of flocks of birds around airports (sounds, sprays, killing, etc), but Southwest Florida International Airport is one of 20 airports trying something a little different: using a dog to keep the birds in line.

Thanks Kate for the tip!

Source: USA Today Image: Mark Beaudin via USA Today

engine-10-25-08-thumb-400x250Federal safety officials have some concerns about Pratt & Whitney engines and are requesting that the FAA orders inspections. The concern stems from when a Delta Airlines plane loss power at the time of take off and had to turn to the gate back in August. However to date, no inspections has occurred. Personally I kind of want to know my engines are working fine. Both of them.

Source: MSNBC Image: F18E777