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Aerial view of the DreamLifter and Future of Flight

Aerial view of the DreamLifter and Future of Flight taken by Paine Field

Paine Field is in the process of building additional parking spots next to the Future of Flight. The hope is Boeing 787 Dreamliners will one day be parked there, but for a little over a week, a Boeing DreamLifter has been making it home. If you are in the Seattle area, this gives you a great opportunity to pretty close to a DreamLifter.

This photo was taken from the sky by the Paine Field Airport. Check out the shadow that the DreamLifter puts on the ground (zoomed in photo), it is quite impressive, just like the plane itself.

* Larger version of image above
* Photos I took of the DreamLifter yesterday while at Paine Field

Boeing 787 Dreamliner ZA002 about to take off from KPAE

Boeing 787 Dreamliner ZA002 about to take off from KPAE

Today I got the opportunity to watch the second Boeing 787 Dreamliner (ZA002) take off from Paine Field in Everett, WA from Future of Flight’s Strato Deck. ZA002 had to come back north to Everett due to debris found in the fuel tank.  She has been all fixed up and is ready to continue her test flights. is showing the 787 will be inflight for about five and a half hours. Currently the Dreamliner is flying down the Oregon coast with some pretty amazing views (I hope a Boeing chase plane is taking photos).

I got a few videos, but won’t be able to get them online until later this evening. Until then I have a few photos to share. Be sure to check out the Dreamlifter in the background, a Boeing 777 landing with Mt Baker in the background, and the unusual sunny day we have in Seattle today.

I also got a video of that Boeing 777 landing with the Boeing 787 waiting to takeoff, but until I get that video up, you can enjoy a photo I got from my phone. (UPDATE: haha, ok it wasn’t me who took the picture with the phone, I was video taping. My very good friend Temo took the picture for me on my phone [normally I am doing both at the same time]. Thanks Temo!)

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