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TICKETS HAVE SOLD OUT – Add yourself to the waiting list

Boeing, the Future of Flight and are proud to share details on Aviation Geek Fest 2013 (#AGF13). Here is the current schedule (which is up for change due to unforeseen circumstances). I will be updating this page as new things are added to the schedule. Check the change-log on the bottom to see what has changed:


QUESTIONS (from comments or email – will be updated):

  • Where should I stay? Saturday will occur down in the Renton, WA area, where Sunday will happen up at Paine Field in Everett, WA. The Hilton Garden Inn (which is RIGHT on Paine Field) is offering a special #AGF13 discount.
  • Should I get a rental car? Seattle is not best known for their public transportation and getting up to Paine Field could be tricky.
  • What if I am not able to get tickets at 11am on Saturday, can you hold some? Unfortunately we cannot. This would be a good time to call in those favors from family and friends and ask them to get tickets for you — just remember to pay them back.
  • Can I take photos? Cameras will not be allowed on the Boeing factory tours, but there will be someone that will take group photos that you can use. Cameras ARE allowed on the Dreamliner Gallery tour.
  • Are there age restrictions? Yes, you must be 12 or older to go on the Boeing factory tours. There are no age restrictions for the Dreamliner Gallery.
  • What do I wear? It is Seattle in February, so bet on chilly, gray and rainy. For the Boeing tours, you cannot wear open toed shoes, backless shoes (like clogs) or high heels.
  • What if I have special needs? Please email me (da***@ai*************.com) ASAP so we can prepare for your needs.

1/26 11:20AM
: After a little panic at 11:02am, where it looked like every ticket was sold, we realize that was a mistake and more tickets are available. In the first 15min, the page received about 1500 views. At this point, almost 60% of all the tickets are sold.

1/26 4:45PM: About 80% of the tickets are gone. Figuring most should be gone by the end of the weekend. Thanks for so many people being interested. Will update when sold out.

Noon 1/27: Over 90% of the tickets are sold. Two of the Dreamliner Gallery time slots are sold out (the 10am still has a few tickets). The events page has seen over 2300 views in the 25hrs it has been live. Very awesome. Imagine all the tickets will sell out by early next week at the latest.

8:15am 1/28: Only a few tickets left. 737 Tour: 7, Everett Factory Tour: 2, Dreamliner Gallery Tour: 1.

10:25am 1/28: There are only three Boeing 737 tour tickets and everything else has sold out.

11:00am 1/28: All the tickets have sold out. Add yourself to our waiting list to be get tickets if people cancel.

1:00pm 1/28: Flying Heritage Collection will allow free admission to anyone with a #AGF13 ticket on either Sat or Sun. Updated the above schedule.

9:00am 1/29: Historic Flight Foundation, at Paine Field, will offer free admission Saturday and Sunday between 10am-5pm with badges/tickets.

1:00pm 1/29: Museum of Flight Restoration Center – free admission Saturday between 9am – 4pm.

1:00pm 1/30: Updated to a new page with all the update information and this page will no longer be updated.


Boeing, the Future of Flight and are proud to share details on Aviation Geek Fest 2013 (#AGF13)…


All tickets will be first come, first serve. There are 150 tickets (for each of the main events) up for grabs, so quite a few folks will be able to enjoy the #AGF13 experience. Yes, if you click on the links right now, it will show invalid, but the links will work when the tickets go on sale.

The event will run a bit differently this year. One person can do everything and you do not have to pick and choose.

Please check out this page for all the Aviation Geek Fest updates (I don’t want to have to update multiple pages).


I was able to meet with the Future of Flight today and we are happy to announce that the dates (yes plural) for Aviation Geek Fest 2013 (#AGF13) have been decided: Saturday February 16th AND Sunday February 17th 2013.

It is President’s Day weekend, so probably many of you also will have Monday the 18th off. There is currently nothing planned for AGF13 for that Monday, but there is plenty of other AvGeek goodness to enjoy in Seattle.

We are not able to share too many more details other than the dates right now, but rest assured, this event will be epic and well worth you making an effort to join us. We are planning to have activities both up north in Everett and down south in the Renton area.

The Aviation Geek Fest 2010 peeps pose in front of a GE90 engine on a Boeing 777. Photo from Boeing.

The Aviation Geek Fest 2010 peeps pose in front of a GE90 engine on a Boeing 777. Photo from Boeing.

I can tell you that this year’s event will be bigger and better than any previous. It will be like combining the past three AGF’s into one, then add a little magic and finally some AvGeekdom and then you have #AGF13.

As in last year, we will most likely charge for tickets, which will be going on sale over the next few weeks. Do not worry we will give you plenty of heads up (sign up for the email list).

BONUS: Check out what went down in previous years – AGF09AGF10AGF12

Should you book your airline tickets now? Yes please do. We have people from all over the US join that joined us last year and we are hoping we will have more (even from around the world) this year. It will be worth it!

Ask any questions in the comments, but I do not have too much more to give as of now. If you have not done so already, please make sure you join the Aviation Geek Fest mailing list to get all the up-to-date details.

I hope to see you there!