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American Airlines flight 535 in the 'penalty box' area at Miami International Airport.

American Airlines flight 535 in the 'penalty box' area at Miami International Airport.

When you are flying in an airliner, you don’t really want to look out and see some military jets escorting your flight.

American Airlines Flight 535’s pilot from San Juan accidentally turned his transponder to a frequency that let’s traffic controllers know the flight is being hijacked.

The flight got a nice escort to Miami where it was met by Fire and Police. The plane was held at a holding point and inspected before being released.

Even though this was probably quite scary and kind of annoying for those involved, it is nice to see that there was a quick and mighty reaction — in case next time it is was not an accident.

Source: Miami Herald via AirlineBizBlog Image: CBS4

American Airline's Boeing 767 Tail

American Airline's Boeing 767 Tail

If you will be flying on an American Airlines 767-300, you might have quite a few empty seats around you. It seems American installed additional business-class seats on 58 767-300’s and now there aren’t enough life vests for all the passengers.

American states that no one was ever in danger since they also have life rafts aboard (personally, not as assuring if you are on a plane going down into water and all those around you have life vests on and you don’t).

Source: Chicago Tribune Image: Van-Murph

american_08-06-08-thumb-300x225Yesterday American Airlines flight 31 to Honolulu had to make an emergency landing at LAX after smoke was detected in the cabin.

Everyone was able to get out of the Boeing 757 safely, although six passengers had to be checked out for minor injuries.

Fire crews were preparing for the arrival of the Emirates A380 (which was arriving at LAX to promote the new route from JFK to Dubain), but the water show was scrapped and the A380 was delayed for 45 minutes due to the emergency.

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