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Amazingly all the debris and oil slick that were found in the middle of the Atlantic are reportedly not from Air France flight 447. It is uncertain at this time what they might be from, but the debris doesn’t match what would be on the airliner and the amount of oil found doesn’t match what the jet would be carrying.

This is another reminder that we really do not know what happened to this flight. Seems like there are many different opinions of what could have happened and now that we don’t even know where it went down, the mystery thickens. At this point I think we can only wait for the investigators to do their job and send our thoughts to the families who lost loved ones.

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The Brazilian Military has been heading to the location where another jetliner reported seeing flames on the ocean previously.

When the Brazilian military planes arrived they found a 3 mile long path of debris from the Air France jet carrying 228 people.

The ocean depth at the crash location is about 3 miles. With the area and depth of the crash scene, it will be very difficult to track down the cockpit and the blackbox, which records much of the flight data.

A few unverifiable objects (life vests, seats) have been found among the mostly unidentifiable wreckage, but no signs of any of the 228 aboard at this point.

There is still only speculation to what caused this crash. It is known the flight hit heavy weather and it seems there was little time for the pilots to make a Mayday call.

Our thoughts go out to all those who are affected by this tragic loss.

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Photo of the downed aircraft taken October 2007 A330-203 AIR FRANCE F-GZCP

Photo of the downed aircraft taken October 2007 A330-203 AIR FRANCE F-GZCP

Flight 447, carrying 216 passengers and 12 crew members was scheduled to arrive at Charles-de-Gaulle (Paris) early Monday morning.  The Airbus A330-200 disappeared from Brazillian radar about 3 hours after take-off.  Brazillian Air Force has been searching near the coast of West Africa.

Before losing contact with Air France, Flight 447 sent an automatic message indicating an electrical problem.  An Air France spokesperson suggested it was possible that the plane was hit by lightning, though aviation experts are skeptical that the Airbus wouldn’t have been able to withstand lightning.

It will be a long, sad search for the black box, and until then, the true cause of this unfortunate occurrence will remain unknown.

Sources: NPR, BBC Image: phinalanji