dfw_08-6-08-thumb-300x225If you have a pet and travel you know it can be tough. Sure a cat you can leave some extra food and water and they can manage for a few days, but if you have another pet or are going to be gone for a long time, you either need to sucker a friend/family member to watch them or board them. Dallas Forth Worth (DFW) Airport is looking to create a pet resort where pets can stay, be groomed, and swim around in a pool. There is talk of even having webcams so you can check on your fluffy loved one from online.

I think anything to make traveling a little easier is always a welcomed edition!

Source: Dallas Morning News Image: kla4067

laptopseat_08-6-08-thumb-300x225I am kind of getting tired of all the extra fees making the news now-a-days. But this fee, I wouldn’t mind paying (I am guess it won’t be free). Quite a few airlines in the next year are going to be offering passengers different levels of internet access. I know I would love to have the ability to surf the web and kill a few hours while flying. Below is a list taken right from the Washington Post of what airlines are planning to do:

Delta: Plans Internet service on its entire fleet of 330 domestic aircraft by summer 2009, starting with 75 by the end of the year.

Northwest: Delta, which is buying Northwest, said it will equip Northwest planes with Internet service after the merger is approved.

American: Placing 15 jets in a three- to-six-month Internet service trial program. No launch date yet, but “dress rehearsals” were conducted on two flights in June.

JetBlue: Offered WiFi on one A320 in December. It allows e-mail, messaging and shopping on Amazon.com, but not Web surfing.

Southwest and Alaska Airlines: Testing a system that relies on satellites rather than cellphone towers. No date given for start of service.

Virgin America: The airline expects to begin testing Aircell Internet service in the fall and roll it out on its entire fleet by end of the first quarter, 2009.

Continental: Announced in January that it planned to offer onboard WiFi access using a satellite-based service starting in 2009, but the airline says it is still testing, which could push back the start date.

Source: WashingtonPost Image: neb_boy

emiratesa380_08-06-08-thumb-300x199This amazing plane, which will be handling the JFK to Dubai route, is wonderfully fitted. It has two showers (yes showers, although you get a max of five minutes to wash), two lounges, and 14 first-class suites.

How much would a ticket to have access to one of these showers cost? Only about $18,000.00. But at least it is included in the price and not an add-on fee!

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