emiratesa380_08-06-08-thumb-300x199This amazing plane, which will be handling the JFK to Dubai route, is wonderfully fitted. It has two showers (yes showers, although you get a max of five minutes to wash), two lounges, and 14 first-class suites.

How much would a ticket to have access to one of these showers cost? Only about $18,000.00. But at least it is included in the price and not an add-on fee!

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american_08-06-08-thumb-300x225Yesterday American Airlines flight 31 to Honolulu had to make an emergency landing at LAX after smoke was detected in the cabin.

Everyone was able to get out of the Boeing 757 safely, although six passengers had to be checked out for minor injuries.

Fire crews were preparing for the arrival of the Emirates A380 (which was arriving at LAX to promote the new route from JFK to Dubain), but the water show was scrapped and the A380 was delayed for 45 minutes due to the emergency.

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Airlines are reporting millions of dollars in new revenue with the charges for checked baggage, but how long can this last? Will there be a backlash from consumers? I am thinking so.

Southwest and Delta still hold true that they will not charge for bags. Southwest has even started advertising with slogans, “Fees Don’t Fly With Us” and “Bags Fly Free.”

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United Airlines Boeing 777

United Airlines Boeing 777

From July 19th to July 27th of this year, United Airlines has had to cancel 329 flights, causing issues for over 36,000 passengers. United has filed suit against the Air Line Pilots Association and four pilots stating that they are purposely causing “slowdowns” with United and pressuring pilots to take more sick leave and not fill in for pilots that do take sick leave.


I am all for people protesting not being treated correctly, but first off is this the proper way to do it? Secondly is this the proper time to be doing it? Already airlines and passengers are strapped for cash and patience. These actions hurt with both.


Source: NYTimes Image: Thomas Becker