sw_10-12-08-thumb-400x533Not quite a surprise that alcohol was involved in this, but 29-year-old Ezra Wallace decided the two girls sitting next to him, ages 9 and 16, need to get their hands bound with athletic tape.

Wallace stated that, “he had half a pint of vodka, including two shots, just before boarding the plane.” He continues stating that he vaguely remembers tying their hands and it was all in “good fun.”

One of the flight attendants noticed his odd behavior and moved the two girls (whom Wallace did not know) to another aisle. It took action from the girl’s mother to prompt an investigation.

Source: AP Image: Neil1960

jazz_08-28-08-thumb-400x286To save some fuel and in turn save some money, Jazz Airlines is going to be removing life vests from all its planes. Have no fear though, you are still able to use your seat cushions as floatation devices.

At first look this seems to be bad for safety, but really only flights that are with-in 50 miles of land can only use their seat cushions and Jazz is only a transcontinental carrier.

So, really…if this saves me from having to pay another weird fee (life vest access fees anyone) I am ok with it.

Source: USAToday Image: deritastudio