A dog chasing birds

A dog chasing birds

One of the biggest enemies for a large jet airliner is still a bird. Birds can get sucked into an engine and especially during a crucial time like take off can cause a lot of havoc. According to the FAA from 1990 to 2007 there have been about 80,000 bird strikes, 11 people have died from the result of bird strikes, and bird strikes have cost almost $300 million in damages.

There have been many different methods used to get rid of flocks of birds around airports (sounds, sprays, killing, etc), but Southwest Florida International Airport is one of 20 airports trying something a little different: using a dog to keep the birds in line.

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Source: USA Today Image: Mark Beaudin via USA Today

That's a green Boeing

That's a green Boeing

The on-going strike at Boeing is surely having an adverse affect on its commercial airline divison.

Boeing went from delivering 36 planes per month during August and July down to 12 in September and only 5 in October.

The end is in sight, since the 27,000 striking workers approved a new four-year contract this last Saturday.

This, of course will cause another set back for the already much delayed Boeing 787. This coupled with the hurting economy will most likely have a negative impact on airlines as well.

Source: KOMONews Image: Individuo

kayakI have been using Kayak.com to find the cheapest tickets, hotels, and rental cars for a few years now (no I am not getting paid to say this). Looks like American Airlines didn’t like the fact that Kayak was pushing customers to other travel sites like Orbitz and Expedia instead of their direct site. Took Kayak to court and Kayak dropped all American Airlines listings.

Ah. The beauty of business sometimes. While all the bickering goes on, it just becomes more difficult for us, the customer to find the best deal and save a little money.

Source: Yahoo Image: FraKayak

engine-10-25-08-thumb-400x250Federal safety officials have some concerns about Pratt & Whitney engines and are requesting that the FAA orders inspections. The concern stems from when a Delta Airlines plane loss power at the time of take off and had to turn to the gate back in August. However to date, no inspections has occurred. Personally I kind of want to know my engines are working fine. Both of them.

Source: MSNBC Image: F18E777