The new ARJ-21

The new ARJ-21

As we covered a few months ago, China has been in the development of their aircraft.

We already talked about how this plane is hardly new in the last blog, so maybe will just talk more about how this actually happened and the Chinese are taking a real dive into the airline aircraft market.

The aircraft is designed to carry 70 to 110 passengers and have a range of about 2,000 nautical miles (2,300 mi/3680 km).

They are trying to stay on target to start the first deliveries in late 2009. They are produced 6 already and hope to be able to deliver 20 per year.

At about $27 million US Dollars per plane, it could end up being a deal for airlines, depending if the reliability and quality can be shown to be with par with the ARJ-21’s siblings, the MD-90 series.

Source: KOMO Image: Xinhua