What the blog looks like now, but I am sure I will play with the look more!

What the blog looks like now, but I am sure I will play with the look more!

There have been some changes to TheAirlineBlog.com. There is now a new look and format to the blog. You can now reply to other’s comments and have your own profile, a better layout, and I just think it is more awesome!

Unfortunately I am having to manually move over all the blog posts from the old format (which I am slowly doing), but I think all the short-term headache will be worth the long-term benefits of the new look!

What do you think?

US Air with old livery on DC-9

US Air with old livery on DC-9

One of my favorite airline liveries was the old USAir with the bare metal and gradients of red. Normally that doesn’t fit into liveries I normally like. I seem to not like designs on the metal fuselage, I don’t like having a cheat line of any sort and red is not one of my favorite colors. However, for some reason when pulled together it worked. I wasn’t so thrilled with the livery after this one.

Image: railfan727

Scanning a cell phone

I  have always taken advantage of the e-check-in before it became something that everyone does. Now that everyone else is doing it, I want to feel more hip and technologically superior!

I might not have to wait very long. Delta, Continental and American Airlines are rolling out mobile ticketing, which allows travelers to have a barcode sent to their phone that can be scanned as a normal boarding pass.

Phones are sent an encrypted bar code with your normal flight information. TSA agents are able to scan these barcodes and verify you are authorized to move forward.

I look forward to using this technology soon and once ahead be one step above my fellow passengers!

Source: ajc.com Image: HowStuffWorks
Captain Sullenberger

Captain Sullenberger

I try not to make multiple blogs about the same subject, but as more comes out about US Airways flight 1549, I can’t help but point out how awesome (yes, I am going to use the word “awesome”) the captain, Chesley “Sully” Sullenberger is with this accident.

I was first impressed with how he reacted to the media and not wanting to give statements right off the bat. Then how he wanted to put the plane down in the Hudson instead of risking crashing the plane in a heavily populated area while trying to land on an airport. And now the transcript of flight 1549 was released today showing the calmness of the pilot in a very dangerous situation.

Since I am writing about this again, I can also state it was confirmed that both engines had birds sucked into them and the engines are currently with the Smithsonian Institution to determine what kind of birds they are.

Source: MSNBC Image: Safety Reliability Methods Inc