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FUN WITH PHOTOS: Lots of Airline Tails

Can you find all 16 US Airways tails in this photo?

Can you find all 16 US Airways tails in this photo? (there is a bigger version in the links). Photo by Drew V.

Last week I put the challenge out to find photos with lots of airline tails. When I put the photos of a bunch of Qantas Airline’s tails, I only saw nine. However a reader smartly pointed out that there are really ten. Here are the photos I was sent:

* My original Qantas with TEN tails
* 10 Delta Air Lines tails from Daniel
* Aireal shot of 20 Delta tails from Daniel
* Who wants to count all these tails up? from Daniel
* 16 US Airways tails (with markings showing all 16) from Drew V
* 40 FedEx tails sent in from Rowen
* Five Qantas Airlines Boeing 747 tails at LAX by daeguowl
* A whole load of old US Airways Shuttle photos (even though I said Mojave wouldn’t work, but I can break my own rules) by @FlyInsider
* 12 Lufthansa tails from @FlyInsider
* Go ahead and count them in this satellite shot of Mojave forwarded by @BinkyAirways
* I count 15 Northwest Airlines tails, which will soon be going away – from @TerminalWanderer

So who is the winner? That is hard to tell since I am not counting them for all the photos. I will say EVERYONE is a winner for finding such great photos.

UPDATE: I have added a few more photos. It is not too late to send them on in to me, if you want them posted.

FUN WITH PHOTOS: How Many Tails Can You Find?

Nine Qantas tails, can you do better?

Nine Qantas tails, can you do better?

I don’t really remember what I was looking at when I found this photo with nine Qantas Airline’s tails showing (the ninth is just the tip). I posted it on Twitter and @FlyInsider went and found this photo with 11 Lufthansa tails. Not too bad.

So I wonder. Can anyone do better? The catch is, it has to be a photo of airline’s tails when the airline is in business (ie no Mojave Desert photos of planes not being used — that would be cheating). The planes have to be at an airport or heck even in the air (if you can find that many in the air). Leave links to the photos in the comments or email me with your find.

Contest over will be over by Wednesday at 5pm PST. No prize this time (those that won prizes for my Ultimate Livery Challenge — they are finally being mailed) but I will show the photo you find and say your name and link to a site (if you have one).

UPDATE: What a good eye! DCSpotter found there are actually TEN tails in the photo. Can you find the 10th? If not, check the comments.


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Here are the liveries in their full glory!

Here are the liveries in their full glory!

Yesterday I gave you guys what I thought was the ULTIMATE LIVERY TEST. Honestly, I wasn’t expecting many (if any) people to get them all right. I have once again underestimated some of my readers.

I got a lot of great feedback from people on this (even from those that didn’t win) that this was a fun competition. I also got suggestions  to do it over the weekend next time, since it took so much time to guess these (while at work). Either way, you can expect some more of these in the future.

#1 Northwest Orient DC-10 (I would also have accepted just Northwest). Photo by Savvas Garozis via Flickr.

#2 London City Airways or Eurocity Express de Havilland Canada Dash 7. Photo by shamu28 via Flickr.

#3 RenoAir MD-80. Photo by LeafsHockeyFan via Flickr.

#4 Trump Shuttle Boeing 727. Photo by Mark Kopczak via

#5 Dan-Air Boeing 737. Photo by jordi757 via Flickr.

#6 Unifly Express MD-80. Photo by Olaf Juergensmeier via

BONUS Hispania Sud Aviation Caravelle. Photo by Ian Jack via

I thought the Caravelle would be the hardest, since it is an old plane, but the livery looks pretty new age. However I heard from a lot of people that the Unifly Express was the most challenging.

Here are the uber airline livery nerds who emailed me all the correct answers. They will be mailed some cool stuff from me and from the Future of Flight (@FutureofFlight — Thanks Sandy):

* Alfred T.
* Patrick O.
* Chris J.
* Ron T.
* David R. ( — first one to get them all right!
* Liz M. (@ImperfectSense)
* Ben W. (@BenjaminWhalen)
* Gordon W. (@GordonWerner)

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ULTIMATE LIVERY CHALLENGE: Guess the retired liveries and win a prize!

Do you know these liveries?

Do you know these liveries?

I have had a few competitions before about airline liveries, but this time I am pulling out all the stops. I am making a contest, one I probably couldn’t even win. I am going to show you six 105 x 105  pictures of old airline liveries no longer used. It is your job to guess which airlines they belonged to AND what kind of planes they are (just the basic model ie “Boeing 747″ not “Boeing 747-300″).

I think I made this so difficult, I am willing to actually give prizes this time. I am not exactly sure what the prizes will be, but I will mail you something if you get all six right. I am determined to give away at least one prize. So even if you do not know all six, take a few guesses and the one with the most will win.

You can send them via Twitter, comments, FaceBook or email me at You have until 5pm PST Friday the 16th. Use any resources you wish.

Bring it on!

UPDATE: Future of Flight has stepped up and said they will help me with prizes of anyone who wins this. So far, no takers!

UPDATE2: I have 6 people who have all the liveries right. SUPER impressed. Still have until 5pm today the 16th to get your answers in!

PS: if you can tell me what airline and what kind of plane this livery is from…you win a super bonus prize (which, again, I have no idea what that will be)!

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Picture credits will be given with the answers (otherwise you could cheat)


FUN WITH PHOTOS: The Boeing 727 is the World’s Best-Selling Airbus

Boeing had this ad stating that the Boeing 727 is the best-selling air bus

Boeing had this ad stating that the Boeing 727 is the best-selling air bus

Yesterday I posted the corner of the ad showing “World’s best-selling airbus,” and asked what ad did it go to. A few people guessed (mostly via Twitter) that it was an Airbus A300, Boeing 737 or Boeing 747. Only two people (@CraigSymons and @SkippysCage) guessed it correctly: the Boeing 727. This was the best quality of the ad I could find and it is difficult to read the text, but I am pretty sure it says:

“More than 1,000 Boeing 727s have been sold to date. It is the best-selling jetliner in aviation history.

And it has been the best-selling jetliner during the past two years — the years when the new airbuses were supposed to dominate the industry.


Because the Boeing 727 is the original airbus.

It has the lowest investment, cost per seat of any airbus. And you can buy two 727-200s for the price of one of the bigger airbuses.

The 727-200 gives more flexibility than the bigger airbuses. Its capacity of 125, up to 189 (all coach), passengers makes it ideal for ??? on intermediate routes and in scheduled services where frequency is essential.

The 727s passenger appeal and operating reliability  and efficiency are well known. Everyday, Boeing 727s are earning profit for more airlines than any other jetline.

That’s why it is the world’s best-selling airbus.”

Obviously a  jab at the new Airbus Industry, but I find it quite humorous.

Thanks David for showing this to me!

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