Visit Seattle was born in Seattle and for good reason — there is just so much cool aviation stuff to check out! Some people might only think about Boeing being here, but there is so much more, even non-aviation related stuff. We truly feel that Seattle is the world-hub for AvGeeks and we want to prove it to you. Check out some of what Seattle can offer! Things you will find on this page:



Future of Flight Aviation Center & Boeing Tour

  • LOCATION: Paine Field – Mukilteo, WA (map)(website)
  • BASIC INFO: The must-see attraction of Seattle: checking out the Future of Flight and taking the Boeing Factory Tour [they are one in the same]. Learn about aviation’s past, present and future. Go inside the Boeing Factory and see where Boeing makes their new 747-8, 787, the 777 and 767. From being in pieces to rolling out of the factory doors, see planes in all phases of being built. Unfortunately Boeing does not allow any cameras on the tour, but it gives you more opportunity to absorb everything.
  • TIP: Don’t miss the roof top Strato-Deck where you can get amazing photos and videos of brand new Boeing airplanes taking off. Check to time your visit to watch something exciting like a Dreamlifter or new Boeing 747-8I taking off or landing. Also stick close to your Boeing tour guide — they have a wealth of information and can easily answer your most AvGeek questions.
  • MORE: Check out our review of the Future of Flight completed in November 2009. Photos of the factory [note: no cameras are allowed on the public tour]: ANA’s 787 delivery, VIP media factory tour, 1000th Boeing 767 & Tour of the 787 and 777 lines.


The Museum of Flight

  • LOCATION: Boeing Field – Tukwila, WA (map) (website)
  • BASIC INFO: The history of flight, information and artifacts on Space, a section about World War I and II aircraft and tons of amazing aircraft on display is what welcomes you at the Museum of Flight. You will definitely need to take at least half a day, maybe a full day to enjoy everything .
  • TIP: Do not miss the Air Park outside which houses the first Boeing 747 (The City of Everett), a Concorde, a Constellation, an old Boeing 707 AirForce One and more.
  • MORE: Review of the Museum of Flight from September 2010 and photos taken during Aviation Geek Fest 2013.


Museum of Flight Restoration Center

  • LOCATION: Paine Field – Everett, WA (map) (website)
  • BASIC INFO: Although the Museum of Flight is located at Boeing Field, the Restoration Center is up at Paine Field. This is the place where aircraft are restored before they make it to the main museum location. There they have a Comet, the first Boeing 727-100 and many other great eye candy.
  • TIP: Talk to the people working on the planes. They have a wealth of information!
  • MORE: Review of the facility and photos.


The Flying Heritage Collection

  • LOCATION: Paine Field – Everett, WA (map) (website)
  • BASIC INFO: The Flying Heritage Collection has wonderful warbirds that are on display. Not only can you catch them sitting in their hangar, but you can also view them flying during the summer. A lot of work is put into keeping the aircraft airworthy and the outcome is well worth it. It is more than just about the planes, but also about the technology used in war.
  • TIP: Make sure to read all the information around the hangar (including the banners hanging from the ceiling), they really put the aircraft into perspective.
  • MORE: AvGeek review of the Flying Heritage Collection from 01/11, a non-AvGeek perspective on the FHC & a story on their expansion.


Historic Flight Foundation

  • LOCATION: Paine Field – Mukilteo, WA (map) (website)
  • BASIC INFO:  The Historic Flight Foundation lets guests get up close and personal with the planes. It is okay to put your hand out and touching the aircraft.
  • TIP: Be sure to check their flight calendar before heading out. It is one thing to see the planes on the ground, but better in the air.
  • MORE: Inside look at the HFF’s DC-3



Helicopter Tour of Seattle

  • LOCATION: Seattle, WA (map) (website)
  • BASIC INFO: Getting an aerial tour on a helicopter of Seattle is a great experience. From buzzing downtown to hovering at Snoqualmie Falls, you won’t regret this tour.
  • TIP: If you fly when it is warm, they can take off the doors and you get a real sweet ride.
  • RMORE: Review of Seattle Helitours Seattle area tour done in March 2010.


Floatplane Tour of Seattle on Kenmore Air

  • LOCATION: Seattle, WA (map) (website)
  • BASIC INFO: Kenmore Air runs the second largest seaplane operation in North America and the biggest in the US. Although they have scheduled flights all around the Northwest, they also offer a special scenic flight around the Seattle area. Definitely do not miss this unique aerial tour of Seattle.
  • TIP: Passengers are able to sit in the co-pilot’s seat. Ask your pilot if you can sit up front and bring your camera.
  • MORE: Review of taking a seaplane tour of Seattle on a sunny day in 02/10.


Seaplane Flight to the San Juans on Kenmore Air



Spotting at Paine Field

  • LOCATION: Everett, WA (map)
  • BASIC INFO: What better place to spot than Paine Field? Check out a new Boeing 777, 747-8, 767 or 787 Dreamliner take off for the very first time. You might also get to see the unique looking Dreamlifter take off or land (often there is at least always one parked). It is exciting to see these large aircraft wait their turn while smaller Cessna 172’s take off and land. You can drive around Paine Field and get quite close to different aircraft in different locations. The best part is this is totally FREE.
  • TIP: Make sure you get up on the Strato-Deck at the Future of Flight to get a great view. It is important to stay off Boeing’s property. There are lots of places to get photos and view the planes up close without getting a visit from Boeing Security.
  • MORE: Photos of Paine Field and a story on how to spot at Paine Field.



Hilton Garden Inn North Seattle

  • LOCATION: Everett, WA (map) (website)
  • BASIC INFO: This hotel is located right on Paine Field [the photo above taken from one of the rooms]. You really cannot get much closer than this and can go to sleep watching aircraft come and go.
  • TIP: Treat yourself to one night in the Presidential Suite. You can sit in a Jacuzzi tub, relax and watch the planes.
  • MORE: Review of the Hilton Garden Inn completed 02/13.


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