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David Parker Brown
Founder & Editor-in-Chief, AirlineReporter
206.724.9602 – Seattle, WA USA


What is AirlineReporter?

We are a team of about 25 writers, located around the world, who have been covering aviation, airlines, and travel since 2008. We have built a strong community of frequent fliers, those in the airline business, other journalists, and aviation enthusiasts. Our readers are engaged and many are excited to learn about new travel/aviation-related opportunities.

We have been featured, written for, or quoted on a number of media sources including CNN, Washington Post, BBC, CNBC, Bloomberg, Reuters, CTV (Canada AM), CBC, NPR, Marketplace, FOX, AOL Travel, 9News Australia, Huffington Post, Forbes, APEX magazine, USA Today, NBC News, Puget Sound Business Journal, Seattle Times, Gadling, and many other U.S. and international media sources.

Learn more about us on our about page.

The Stats

Information from the last year and a half: 

  • Pageviews: up to 650,000 monthly
  • Visits: up to 500,000 monthly (average ~300,000)
  • Uniques: up to 395,000 monthly
  • Twitter: over 70,000 followers
  • YouTube: over 2,000,000 views
  • Facebook: reach up to 100,000 per month
  • Flickr: over 6,600,000 views

Who is Reading AirlineReporter?

We have worked hard to slowly build our readership, resulting in followers who are frequent fliers, leaders in the airline industry, and journalists. We don’t chase after headlines just for a short-term bump in our numbers. You can see, from the comments on our stories and the interaction with our social media, we are more than just numbers; we have loyal and engaged followers.

Some analytics on our readers, based on data from about the last year and a half: 

  • 21% female, 79% male
  • Ages: 18-24: 9%, 25-34: 31%, 35-44: 17%, 45-54: 21%, 55-64: 12%
  • Location: US 52%, UK 7%, Canada 6%, Australia 3.5%, Germany 3.5%, Singapore 2%
  • Top cities: New York, London, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Seattle, Chicago, Sydney, Singapore

Data based on a survey from Aviation Geek Fest 2015 (300 attendees): 

  • Household income: Over $200,000 15%, $125-200k 26%, $85-125k 24%, $61-85k 15%
  • 6% female, 94% male
  • Ages: 18-24: 3%, 25-34: 33%, 35-44: 12%, 45-54: 35%, 55-64: 11%

Sponsored Advertisement Costs

All prices are per month. There are discounts on three-to-six-month term deals. Price ranges based on what is in your ad (text/image) and location on site.

  • 120 x 50 pixel (px) ad on the left or right side bars: $195 to $450
  • 120 x 100px ad on the left or right side bars: $295 to $600
  • 120 x 600px ad on the left or right side bars: $795 to $1350
  • Premium banner ad (located up top in/with the header): $1500 to $5000

Sponsored Story Costs

We can work with you to create a sponsored story to run on AirlineReporter. Costs will depend on when it runs, who will write it, the subject, how many times it will be shared via our social media channels, etc. Sponsorships begin at $625.


Last updated: September 25, 2015