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Small Plane Crashes into Trees — Caught on Video

For most AvGeeks, this whole video will probably be quite interesting. But to get to the good stuff, try fast forwarding until about the 2:45 mark. Here you are able to watch the experimental Bradley Aerobat BA-100 (reg N27BD) lose power and come to an almost instant stop when crashing into some trees.

The crash occurred on August 10th, shortly after the aircraft took off from Skylark Airfield (ILE) in Killeen, TX. According to the Killeen Daily Herald, the aircraft experience engine failure (which can be heard in the video) and struck a group of trees. The pilot was okay and called 911 for help. It took a while for officials to find the plane and pilot which were stuck 6′ above the ground.

The 56 yr old pilot, Brian Douglas, stated that the crash has not deterred him from flying, but his wife has told him he is not doing any more experimental flying.

8 comments to Small Plane Crashes into Trees — Caught on Video

  • William

    Lucky chap that he was ok. Great viewing for us of course !

  • sumpthiscom

    Is the preflight procedure flawed?
    Can undetectable water hide in the fuel tank?
    Can a pilot preform a proper preflight and not see any water in his sump cup?
    Has the NTSB performed a real world test for the positive detection of water in the fuel tanks?

  • bigbenaugust

    I imagine the exchange…

    Mr. Douglas: “Honey, I crashed the plane.”
    Mrs. Douglas: “What? The one you just built?”
    Mr. Douglas: “Yup. Engine quit, crashed into trees… what a mess.”
    Mrs. Douglas: “Oh, for goodness sakes dear, go get a real airplane. None of this experimental business, either.”
    Mr. Douglas: “Well, if you insist… let me go call my Diamond dealer…”


  • Cook

    An interesting video. I take issue with the phrase “good stuff,” as used in this post. IMO, extremely poor taste.

  • Wow! Glad he was okay, it didn’t look like he crashed very hard… lucky those trees were there to break his fall! It’s cool to see from his POV though.

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  • I designed this aircraft and I built the kits for Bradley, I am glad I designed this aircraft so strong for aerobatics sure it sabe your life in this accident but as a pilot myself I ask you, why you didn´t landed just a little bit to your left and almost straight? Anyway glad that you are alive!!

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