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My Fav AvGeek Photo: LAN Airlines 787 Delivery Party

A party erupts during LAN's first 787 delivery flight.

A party erupts during LAN’s first 787 delivery flight.

This is my favorite photo that I have taken. Maybe not the “best,” but my favorite because it tells a story. It was taken during LAN’s 787 delivery flight. After the meal service, it seemed like people were about to settle down and go to sleep. Instead, those LEDs went into “rainbow mode” and music starting going through the cabin.

Employees from the back of the plane came forward in costumes and handed out glow sticks, leis, hats and more. Everyone started singing in Spanish (a language I do not know), but it did not matter. This was truly one of the most amazing moments reporting for and this is my favorite AvGeek photo.

Do you have a favorite AvGeek photo? Email it on over to me to [email protected] with a short description (about 100 words or less) on why this is your favorite photo. I might end up using it in a future story or for the #AvGeek Photo of the Week on Twitter and Facebook.

3 comments to My Fav AvGeek Photo: LAN Airlines 787 Delivery Party

  • I love the hipster in the background shooting photos with his iPad. :-)

  • Nice shot, D! Your photo illustrates the way we should all be made to feel when we board a commercial airliner…unfortunately, by the time I’m done with parking, TSA and crowds at the gate, I’m not really in a partying mood!

    Mike H.

  • SMF Girl

    I had the pleasure of flying on LAN earlier this year. They were very fun to travel on. During spring break to SCL, my mom and I had a great flight. It was pretty roomy in coach class and the food was pretty good. Complimentary cocktail after dinner (unheard of in the US) is standard in S. America. It reminded me of days past in the airline industry. I would travel to central/S. America again!

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