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59 comments to American Airlines Reveals New Livery, New Logo, New Look

  • Matt

    I hate it. The font? Bland, boring, pedestrian. The livery? Incredibly on the nose. Not classy, elegant, or stylish. It’s as if they brought in Ted Nugent and said “We want the feel to be: ‘America, F*uck Yeah!'”. What an abomination of a… design-by-committee. “Could we have the icons in cornflower blue?”

  • Jim

    Could not be worse! Most of the amateur designs on the net are 100x better. Logo is average by itself. Tail design is a mess–looks like an art project of a first grade class. What a wasted opportunity.

  • I actually appreciate the fuselage and logo. The tail is evocative of Cubana. I am withholding judgement until I see in person, but am sure the tail will grow on me.

  • Jeff Mueller

    I like the logo and new font but the tail is way overstated and slightly obnoxious.

  • First impression… I don’t like it. The new ‘Eagle’ logo is unrecognisable, the name is OK but could do with being brighter and bolder and the tail is just awful. Shouldn’t there be at least a few representative stars on the blue bits?

  • David O.

    Simply dreadful!

  • Mark C. (OKC)

    Argee with Jeff, and couldn’t they have kept a cheatline somehow? Quite a bit of a letdown.

  • Joe

    It seems very unbalanced visually, the tail dominates. ‘American’ needs to pop a little bit more. A gray on gray doesn’t cut it. Extremely bland and boring on the fuselage.

  • Sam

    Wow… Unlike mots of you, i’ce always disliked the American livery, but this is definitely a step backwards. It’s as if they just asked the designers “just make it a bland, unoriginal and ugly American flag”. The tail is overpowering and dreadful , the new font is barely legible because its gray on gray, and the new eagle logo is simply repulsive. possibly one of the worst liveries in the world.

  • Jeff Ridder

    Not bad but I expected more color. Not really sure its enough to save American, they need to really stand out.

  • D-ROCK

    I actually like it a lot. I’m a bit patriotic and I appreciate the flag on the tail. I also like the new logo. I’m not sure how well they work together, but overall it has grown on me since I first saw it and I will be happy to get my first ride on the new livery.

  • Jimmy

    No one asked me, but I have to admit, I don’t like it much at all!
    The eagle image is confusing looking and the blue isn’t even on the American flag. Whatever, I hope the older planes still keep the polished aluminum without painting the entire plane to give the new look. I DO still like the polished aluminum more than any painted plane.

  • Alex

    The equal amounts of blue, red, and white on the logo make it look French. Now I want escargot….

  • God

    After forty-something years, THIS is what they come up with? Why would any major airline paint their entire fleet to look like temporarily leased aircraft?

    Clearly, American Airlines should have looked to the distant past for their inspiration, because if this is any indication, that is the only direction they can look to with pride.

  • John O

    it sure looks terrible in the pictures, hopefully better in person. might be the worst livery in the industry now.

  • The B737-800 definitely looks better than the long fuselage of the B777-300ER (too much ‘silver’!!). Theres a B737-800 shot on taken at DFW today (N708NN)… it’s at

  • UtahRugbyGuy

    Definitely a massive improvement, but as a brand designer and an Art & Creative Director, my opinion is that they fell somewhat short of greatness.

    They missed an opportunity to take this concept further. It needs to be fatter, for one. It needs to be more organic and curvy. It looks so rigid and stiff. I get that they were trying to simulate the tail of a plane, but the tail of a plane is FATTER. It doesn’t only have a thin edge.

    Plus, the best logos that try to resemble a component of their trade in some way are IMPLIED. The logo doesn’t have to be a engineering rendering of the tail.

    Fatter, curvier, a bit more organic (in the not so rigid sense) and it could have been so amazing.

    Great effort but I’m disappointed an confused at why they had such a great concept but crap execution of implementing that concept.



    My credentials:

  • Joshua R

    LAME, The new Logo is a good impression, when it comes to the tail its sooooo UGLY. WHY would you copy the airline of a rival towards the United States. This gives me the impression that you are in connection with Cuba and did not even manage to come up with something new. United and Delta Airlines tails look more impressive that this junk. Just by the looks of a plane, i cal say that I might just consider staying loyal to Delta or United while leaving American in the pass. Overall in a scale from 1 to 10 I give the whole entire thing a 4.5! That’s in a good day.By the way, how will AMERICAN EAGLE look like?

  • Temo M

    I like it. I like the retro look. It’s very minimalist and the colors are very bright, bold, and blunt.

  • Love it. I was so tired of the tarnished/rusty metal and roller applied stripes.

  • Bill

    The eagle logo reminds one of a Greyhound bus. The tail should have the logo, not the fuselage. The flag like design is a mess and doesnt belong.

  • David

    I think the new wordmark is good, but the tail is so ugly. I was never a fan of American’s old livery, but that looks awesome in comparison now.

  • Justin

    Disappointed, Some of the ones on the web are better. The new logo is hard to make out while the old eagle was easily recognizable. The tail goes a little overboard and the font is just bland. Although I think we will get used to it

  • Justin

    The American flag feels misplaced as its on the tail

    • Herbie

      Hey, it is not an American flag on the tail. Our flag has seven red strips, not six as AA is using….. another reason not to fly with them as if they can’t get our flag right, what else have they screwed up on the airplane?

  • GJGalik

    The swoosh thing (a la Air France) with Eagle only redemptive feature I can see here. That cold have been stylized on the tail (like Alaska Air) and really went POW. This looks like a prep for merger with USAir!!! I agree – have to really see this over time combined with the other elements of change overall.

  • jc

    Bad, Bad, Bad – whats with the red, white, and blue piano keys on the tail ? Cross between, air france, colgan, air, Cubana and Aeroflot. Cant get any worse.

  • Dan

    The outside doesn’t matter when the inside of the planes are where the real problems are. Filthy bathrooms, LESS room in coach and old planes. Until they fix the parts customers see and experience inside the plane, this is nothing more than lipstick on a pig.

  • Daryl

    I really like this new identity. Nothing Eurowhite, as what more airlines are turning to these days, and embracing the silver of the old colors. Very modern and patriotic.

    I hope to be able to see one in person before the end of the year…

  • Jesse

    I like it but what I really like is that they had the guts to break with convention and simply give their old logo once over. For the better part of the last few decades delta has had a delta, united had a U (call it a “tulip if you want) and continental had a circle/globe. And now united has a globe/circle. :(

  • Jay

    Looks like a cheap LCC from Liberia. Ugly, trashy, and aesthetically something that would appeal to a gun salesman for the NRA.

  • I think that if they had just stopped at the tail and not painted onto the fuselage, I would like this livery a lot more. The tail just looks too busy.

  • Chris

    Horrible! The tail is awful – just a busy mess. AA really had a great opportunity here, and they just blew it. The new design does not even look like it was put together by pro! Can you imagine a terminal full of vertical stabilizers, parked together, painted in the new logo?!?!? Cubana/ Greyhound – is that where the inspiration came from? Just a disaster.

  • At first I disliked the new livery. But then one thing slightly shifted my focus. With this new tail livery American becomes an almost true flag carrier at least in design (after Delta foolishly abandoned its superb wavy gravy tail design). I know that there are no flag carriers proper in the USA. But this new livery makes American feel and look like one.

  • Scott

    Terrible. The tail colors should have either extended all the way around the aft of the fuselage (they didn’t do that because of having that part of the aircraft gets a lot of road rash and repainting all those colors would have been time consuming and expensive) or stopped the flag portion at the bottom on the vertical stab. It always amazes me how much money an airline will crap away on a paint scheme when they are in bankruptcy protection.

  • Adam

    It does look like a cross between Air France and Cubana de Aviacion!

  • Carlos

    As a former AA mchanic, I was skepical at first. A somewhat obnoxious tail has been my biggest complaint. It has started o grow on me

  • Adrian

    One airline in the USA that is proud to be American (with the traditional red, white & blue colours). I truly applaud the airline for this.

  • Alex

    Took me a white to “see” the eagle. Simply looks like a sticker that detached.
    Fuselage color and front logo is nice, although too rigid and not organic enough.
    The tail is just HORRIBLE. as others have written, a mix of cubana, aeroflot, etc… Why didnt they keep it simple?
    The chose a tacky, visually confusing, and yes, obnoxious design. An overstatement.

    Elegance resides in simplicity, gentlemen.
    Example? Qantas, Swiss, Air France….

  • Gary

    AAbsolutely hideous. I don’t know when I’ve seen a tAAckier paint job on an airplane.

  • Much Ado About Nothing

    Sorry if this has been mentioned, but this really looks like a Greyhound Bus Logo. Google it and compare to some of their numerous styles over the years….Breaking news, not a USAir merger but a Greyhound merger…Admit it, the synergy in logos is there…..

  • Gordon

    Well, the tail is just a variation of British Airways, Air France, Bank of America, Greyhound. They’re running out of ways to make those colors work, or to look distinctive in any way. Where are Braniff’s Flying Colors when we need them?

  • Gordon

    The tail is just a variation of British Airways, Air France, Bank of America, Greyhound. They’re running out of ways to make those colors work, or to look distinctive in any way. Where are Braniff’s Flying Colors when we need them?

  • Steve31

    This may sound odd, but WHY all the redesign if AMR are going to marge with US Airways? What will be the branding under the new company?

  • Jim B.

    Terrible, one of the worst liveries in the planet ,looks like an old communist airline like Aeroflot and Cubana de Aviacion , very old concept.
    American lost originality. Remember Braniff international?(from Texas) ,that’s creativity in every details.

  • Well, it’s not THAT bad (that is, compared to other airlines). But I hate to think how much American paid some ‘graphic artist’ to come up with that when you can find better ideas on many of the various FSX forums around the net.
    You knew American would stay with bare metal. Personally, I would have incorporated the nostalgic American Airlines logo into the scheme.



  • William R. James

    I am a American Airlines Advantage member as well as credit union. My family worked for AA till they retired. I for one like change. I regret to say my personal opinion of the new eagle logo is extremely disappointing. The tails on the jets are ok but nothing to get excited about. I believe it would be a waste of time money and paint to do anymore aircraft this way. Something new would be just fine but this current design is not it. Seems to be an attempt to do better but fails miserably. I don’t know what other people think but I don’t appear to be alone. It seems most people don’t care for the new design. Even on my new credit card…….it is just plain ugly. Grey color background with a hap hazard little attempt to look like the majestic eagle we all know.Hmmm? Sorry but this one needs to go back to the drawing board. In all due respect. It stinks. This new graphic design fails. Sorry!

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