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Video: Alaska Airline’s Boeing 737 Special Liveries at LAX

Alaska Airlines has a nice collection of special liveries on their Boeing 737s. Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) is a great place to spot these birds and SpeedBirdHD has made a video that highlights the special livery aircraft seen at LAX.

Which Alaska livery is your favorite?

4 comments to Video: Alaska Airline’s Boeing 737 Special Liveries at LAX

  • Brian Lusk

    My favorite is the 75th Anniversary retro livery

  • robby

    second that if they would take the ’75’ off the tail.
    timberland is the best

  • Shane Blakeley

    Thanks for sharing, David!

    I’ve caught nearly all the current special liveries except the new Salmon Thirty Salmon (yet) here at PDX. By far, the Timbers livery is just awe strikingly loud and eye catching. In fact the other day, N607AS was on final turning above my house approx 15mi away from PDX…darn this whole driving while taking pictures thing! That livery is so darn unique in the sea of white regularly seen. Spirit of Seattle and Starliner 75 are couple of my other favorites.

    Which brings up a question I’ve had for a while… With Alaska Airlines being based in Seattle, do Seattle Sounders fans(or the team) feel “dissed” with AS being a main sponsor of the Portland Timbers and painting up one of their planes for them??

    • I am not a huge sports fan, so I am not fully connected with how angry Sounders fans might be. However, I am a northwest native and many here feel like Portland is our sister city and it is hard to get upset (especially when we are the cooler sibling :) )


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