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Epic Contest: Win Tickets on a ANA Boeing 787 Dreamliner Flight

Are you sitting down? Okay… How would you like to win two tickets on one of ANA’s site seeing Boeing 787 Dreamliner flights in Japan? Oh heck yes you would! Now, stop sitting and get ready to start taking photos.

That’s right folks, All Nippon Airways is holding a contest where you send them a photo of you smiling and incorporate “787” creatively in your photo, then you will be considered for two tickets from an ANA city to Japan to take part in one of their 787 flights currently scheduled for sometime in October.

The contest starts now and your entry needs to be in by September 5th. Feel free to use any of my almost 500 787 Dreamliner photos (just please give me credit) and ANA has given you a few as well. Of course, you don’t necessarily need the actual plane in your photo. Even if you do not get 1st place, the top 9 runner ups will get a free 787 model.

Now, I have promoted quite a few contests I thought were pretty cool, but never heard from any of you that you entered. Now, this has got to be probably the most epic airline contest ever and I would be disappointed if none of you give this a shot. If you end up entering, throw me a line to let me know ([email protected]). I might feature your entry on a future blog (remember these will be voted on).

So, stop reading this, get creative and start taking some photos!

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