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Video of the Day: Rapping about Southwest Airlines

If you haven’t seen it already, Southwest has one awesome rapping flight attendent. He got to show his skills again to celebrate Southwest’s new service to LaGuaria airport.

3 comments to Video of the Day: Rapping about Southwest Airlines

  • Kathleen

    my favorite part about this video is the nerdy old white guys in the background stomping and clapping. hilarious.

  • […]  Retro is so awesome. Southwest Airlines is well known for their sparkling personality, and it was no difference in the past! This video was created in 1986 as a reaction to the Chicago Bears’ Superbowl Shuffle.  It was once featured on the CBS program 60mins and it was also used as an orientation tool for new hires.  I really think they should do a re-make with their rapping flight attendant. […]

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